by Nay Raygun

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lifeone flipped the cocorosie tracks and tron swanson laid down bass and synth. danny brown and action bronson even stopped by (without their knowledge/permission.) mixed by nay raygun @ tippitina's co-op, lafayette, la.


released January 30, 2014

beats - lifeone
keys/bass/synth - tron swanson
all beats sampled from cocorosie tracks.
all raps by danny brown and action bronson.




Nay Raygun New Orleans, Louisiana

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Track Name: blunt after blunt on the westside
[Verse 1]
Kush got a nigga feeling awesome
Ate that bitch pussy 'til she squirted like a dolphin
Told her bend over, hit that shit doggy
Called her a cab then I told that bitch to call me
Danny Brown bitch, tell me what you need
I got some Adderall and fire ass weed
And they try to tell me I get too high
That's a lie if so bitch I woulda been died
But the flow OD, don't get cochesed, capiche?
Fuck with me, fuck around and be deceased
Rest in peace wack niggas with your oversized clothes
Complain about my jeans cause I'm taking all they hoes
Hold up, wait a minute
Your pussy ain't shit 'til you had some Danny in it
I'm gone off a Zanny nodding off watching menace
Rolling on some purple that my nigga call Grimmace
Bitch I ain't finish
These bars was test tubed in the lab with foreign chemist
Rolling testers on it but statistics got slumped
I'm smoking blunt after blunt

And I smoke
Blunt after blunt, after blunt, after blunt, after blunt, after blunt

[Verse 2]
'til my brain feels ten pounds heavier
You fell off like Tom Selleck in a Celica
Bitch give me brain for the hell of it
But to her it's heaven if she even gets a smell of it
That's why these bitches fuck with me
Cause I eat that pussy like a female MC
You get it? How about me and your girlfriend, you with it?
Money over everything the only thing that matter
And since I been getting it my been blunts getting fatter
Take a couple puffs off it now a nigga woozy
The white hoes I fuck with consider them whooties
We 'bout to make a movie, starring me and a cast full of groupies
And I do my own stunts, I'm smoking blunt after blunt

Track Name: what the fuck a werewolf got to lie4?
I'm balling now, yeah just like Kobe
You callin now, yea bitch you know me
You falling off, and I'm taking all yo hoes bitch
I'm showing off, what the fuck I gotta lie for

What the fuck I got to lie for [x4]

[Verse 1:]
I ain't never had shit
Zilch zero nothing
Now that a nigga got something
Yea bitch I'm stunting
Look at all this moneys
Hundreds and these fiftys
Eating at the Whitney
Now yo bitch wanna come with me
Cause we bout to go to the mall
Tonight we popping bottles
My baby momma a hoodrat
But now I got me a model
And she wanna swallow drink it all up
Straight to the neck from the bottle, bitch cause she don't need a cup
And we bout to go make it rain thunder fucking storm
Kush nuggets to the brain pop fucking corn
Shapow bitch wow been had hundreds
Naw nigga I'm just lying my nigga I be fronting
Got that income tax swag, that income tax swag
That bad dame in my lap I just cop her a bag
Got that income tax swag, that income tax swag
That bad dame in my lap I just cop her a bag


[Verse 2:]
I'm a blow it all now muthafuck a later
Bout to a mink
And sum diamond encrusted gators
Car with a TV in it, maid and a butler too
So what nigga this rented right gone have to do
I'm a take it all with me when I'm gone bitch it's gone to
Who cares when the kids get grown
They better figure out what they gone do
Cause right now nigga I got it
Nigga What about you
Broke ass niggas worth nothing
I can buy ya'll in twos
Cause a long time ago
My nigga was just like you
But we ain't talking bout the past
It's about right now my dude
Cause normally I be broke
But right now I got cash
Nah, nigga I'm lyin, you know that I be frontin
Got that income tax swag, that income tax swag
That bad dame in my lap I just cop her a bag
Got that income tax swag, that income tax swag
That bad dame in my lap I just cop her a bag
Track Name: grown up on the moon
[Verse 1:]
Remember when my first meal was school lunch

Now I spit a 16 straight with no punch
Remember all for dinner all we ate was Captain Crunch
Now we blow big blunts on the way to brunch
Went from good fella to commissary slips
Now I got back up man every time I slipped
Never ever quit, I just kept on pursuing
Teacher always ask me, what was I doing
Scribbled in my notebook and never did homework
Low attention span, guess these Adderall worked
Rocked Tommy Hil shirts, ones with the boat
Rockport kicks way before we even smoked
Used to have baby lungs, choking when I hit it
Nowadays lace a whole seven in a sitting
Remember back then we thought we growed up
Rushing at a kid just to be grown up

Rushing at a kid just to be grown up
Whoever thought I'd be the greatest growing up

[Verse 2:]
I can eat a pound and shit sixty four quarters
Burn up fire and drown drops of water
Son, I told you I got them beans like Goya
Gone off them pills got me jumping off the sofa
Hotter than a Hot Pocket out the devil microwave
Model bitches begging just be a nigga's sex slave
Exotic foreign garments lookin' tailor made
And when these bitches see me man they wetter than the everglades
Everyday same ish, me getting paid
Waking up, new bitch, it's me getting laid
Used to take bottle back, waitress bring the bottle back
Now they see me shining and they looking like a Sour Patch
Nigga Catch a heart attack, Newport soft pack never blow blunt wraps
But these blunt raps sewn up
Whoever thought I'd be the greatest growing up

Track Name: r.i.p. burnface, now die like a rockstar
[Verse 1:]
Brown bless the mic like gesundheit
Bud bout the size of a bonzai
Kick it like Muay Thai
Flow like sci-fi
In high def I'm righteous
And still bust a nut up on a bitch chest
The verbal folklore been explored and employed by none other than them fools with the gold
And them bankrolls explode
And your bitch is my target when I shoot my load
Bulls-eye my eyes tight-eyed
Fried off the same shit that rockstars died
Smoke something with your man bitch
Like Wyclef used to sell the cannabis
Manuscript sick shit
Prescription addiction
Sniffing adderall off the counter in my kitchen
Tripping off the shit that had Brian Wilson flipping
Experiment so much it's a miracle I'm living

And I'm a die like a rockstar
Die like a rockstar
I'm a die like a rockstar
Die like a rockstar
I'm a die like a rocstar
Die like a rockstar
I'm a die like a rockstar

[Verse 2:]
Bitch I wanna party like Chris Farley
Shot of Hennessy spike that with some molly
Tell mommy I'm sorry god bless my soul
But life is so sublime going out like Brad Nowell
I got that Kurt Cobain type of mind-frame
Feeling like Keith Moon shrooms in my dressing room
Basquiat freestyle
Feeling like Jimi Hendrix and Anna-Nicole mouth
River Phoenix '93 VIP
With some drugged up porn hoes all around me
Like Teri Diver
Linda Wong all inhale having orgies
Where the horns grow along
Cause bitch I'm Frankie Lymon
Heath Ledger hyped in a jacuzzi doing that John Belushi
With Brittany Murphy we blowing hershey
I'm a die like a rockstar